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The K7RA Solar Update 02/27/2015

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sunAverage daily sunspot numbers over the past week were about the same (59) as last week (54.6), and average daily solar flux declined, from 121.4 to 116.3.

Average daily planetary A index increased from 9 to 11.3, and average daily mid-latitude A index also was higher, from 7 to 9.3.

These numbers compare the seven day period from February 19-25 with the previous seven days.

The latest NOAA/USAF solar flux forecast shows solar flux at 110 on February 27 through March 1, 105 on March 2-4, then 115 and 130 on March 5-6, 135 on March 7-9, 130 on March 10, 125 on March 11-12, 120 on March 13-17, and 115 on March 18-23. Solar flux then reaches a peak of 135 on April 3-5 before declining again.

Predicted planetary A index is 8, 20, 22 and 15 on February 27 through March 2, 8 on March 3-6, 10 on March 7-8, 5 on March 9-13, then 10 and 5 on March 14-15, 15 on March 16-17, 8 on March 18, 5 on March 19-21, 10 on March 2 and 8 on March 23-25.


4U2U — Unauthorized Callsign

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unauthTo all radio amateurs

Vienna International Amateur Radio Club (VIARC) informs that the callsign 4U2U, operated by Andrey Fedorov, RW3AH, on 24 October 2014 was not authorized by any of UN authorities to anyone, including VIARC. 4U2U shall be considered as an unauthorized callsign, and any of contacts with 4U2U shall not be verified.

Please do not send any QSL requests of the contacts with 4U2U to VIARC, 4U1VIC.

None of them will be confirmed.

Jun Tanaka JH4RHF The President Vienna International Amateur Radio Club


Alabama ARES Raises Alert Level in Face of Unaccustomed Winter Weather

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A state of emergency has been declared in Alabama, as the state confronts what the National Weather Service is calling “a historic winter storm” that is affecting areas along and north of Interstate 20. Snow accumulations of 6 inches or more already have been reported, and up to 1 foot or more of snow is expected in some counties. Alabama Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) volunteers have been on alert throughout the day, and the American Red Cross has established shelter sites for residents who may be displaced by the severe weather.

“Due to heavy icing of roads in North Alabama and the requests for Amateur Radio operators to man Red Cross Shelters, EMAs, and the National Weather Service, I am now elevating the Section’s ARES status to Orange, invoking formal nets on the local and District Level,” Alabama Section Emergency Coordinator Mike Watkins, WX4AL, told ARES volunteers shortly before 7 PM Central Time. “I am standing by on 7243 kHz for phone, D-Star Reflector 058B, DRATS, APRS,Winlink2000, and, if needed, to transmit ICS and Radiogram forms, FlDigi withFlMsg on 7110 kHz.”


North American QSO Party — RTTY this weekend

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The North American QSO Party  are favorites of beginners and seasoned operators alike. The NAQPs are low-power only (no amplifiers allowed) which makes for a lot more breathing room on the bands. Small stations can generate very effective “runs” in the NAQP  contests. Multipliers count once per-band, which makes for an exciting format, as multipliers can be “moved” from band to band. The NAQPs allow stations from all parts of North America to be in the running for the top spots. The 12 hour format allows participants to do some great contesting, yet still have time for other activities during the weekend. Participants can enter in the single op or multi-op categories and also have the opportunity to combine up to five separate single op scores into a team score.

Rules: Link

Oficial Site: Link

Walk for MS 2015

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MS society is sponsoring their Walk MS event on the morning of Saturday March 7th. The event will be held in Ormond Beach at the Casements Rockefeller Gardens and will consist of a trek across the Granada Bridge and back.

ARES has been requested to provide Amateur Radio support for the event and has created an Incident Briefing and Communications plan (attached). WalkMs-ICS201-20150222docx WalkMs-ICS205-20150222docx

At this point we still need a net control station, otherwise we have minimal coverage for the event.

Any interested Amateur Radio operators are encouraged to participate in the event. We have a goal of double coverage for each station so we could still use a few more.

You do NOT have to be a member of ARES to participate in this event. If you are not involved in ARES this is a good way to come out and see firsthand what we do.

Please reach out directly to me if interested, and if any questions please let me know.

Mystery radio signals from space recorded live from 5.5 billion light years away

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satelliteMysterious radio signals coming from an unknown source 5.5 billion light years away have been observed live for the first time.

The fast radio bursts last just a few milliseconds, and just seven of these bright flashes have been discovered before – the first was found in 2007. All were found retroactively by looking through old data from the Parkes radio telescope in eastern Australia and the Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico.

However, an international team of astronomers, led by Emily Petroff from the Swinburne University of Technology, have seen a radio burst in real time.

John Mulchaey, acting director of the Carnegie Observatories, said: "These events are one of the biggest mysteries in the Universe. Until now, astronomers were not able to catch one of these events in the act."

Petroff added: "These bursts were generally discovered weeks or months or even more than a decade after they happened! We're the first to catch one in real time."


Another successful meeting.

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Missed it myself, so if someone has something to report.. and I'll be setting my alarm for the next one.. was all set to go too...

Wolfie reports 4 candidates for testing, 1 new ham, 1 upgrade to General, and 1 to Extra. (guess the 4th will try again..)

March will be a Skywarn Training Class (Refresher/New members).