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Christmas Banquet

Sunday, December 6th, 2015.
Doors open at 4pm.

Duff’s Original Buffet
2400 South Ridgewood Avenue
South Daytona Beach, FL 32119

Tickets this year are $18 each.

Door Prizes and a Raffle for
2 Beofang HTs

Classifieds / For Sale

For Sale - ICOM SP-20 Station Speaker - by W1LVL
For Sale - MFJ-906 6-Meter Antenna Tuner w/Manual - by AE4WG
For Sale - TNC-X w/ Enclosure and data cable - by AE4WG
For Sale -Yaesu MD-100A8X Dynamic Microphone - by W1PX
For Sale - YAESU Model FT-990 - by W1PX

DBARA Repeaters


Other Volusia County Repeaters


Christmas Banquet Tickets on Sale!

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If you haven't gotten your ticket yet, don't worry. You can contact us directly at 386-226-4618 or

We will be gathering at Duff's Buffet in Daytona Beach on December 7th, 2014. Doors will open at 4pm. Ticket should be for sale at the door. Kids are welcome.

Duff’s Original Buffet
2400 South Ridgewood Avenue
South Daytona Beach, FL 32119

Near Publix on Ridgewood in South Daytona Beach, and next to the Ice Rink, across from where Radio Shack used to be.

Tickets this year are $18 each.

If you have a location to recommend for next year, please email with your recommendation.



For Sale – ICOM SP-20 Station Speaker – by W1LVL

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For Sale. ICOM SP-20 Station Spreaker. Good condition - $100.00

George Kangas W1LVL

For Sale – MFJ-906 6-Meter Antenna Tuner w/Manual – by AE4WG

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MFJ-906 6-Meter antenna tuner with manual and original box $50 or best offer
Warren Greenberg  AE4WG

For Sale – TNC-X w/ Enclosure and data cable – by AE4WG

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TNC-X with enclosure and a DIN to Yaesu FT-7900/8900 data cable 

$50 or best offer
 Warren Greenberg  AE4WG

Announcing the $5 Raspberry Pi Zero

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The Raspberry Pi Foundation has just announced the five dollar, micro-sized Raspberry Pi Zero . We take a look at what’s on the board and put it through it’s paces.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released a $5 “Raspberry Pi Zero” SBC with a 1GHz ARM11 SoC, 512MB RAM, plus microSD, mini-HDMI, micro-USB, and 40-pin GPIO.

The $9-and-up Chip has just been eclipsed in the hacker SBC price competition before it has even begun to ship in volume. The Raspberry Pi Foundation’s new Raspberry Pi Zero has gone on sale for a mere $5. The 65 x 30mm, community backed Zero is being bundled free with every December copy of MagPi magazine.


The Zero runs Raspbian Linux on the same ARM11-based Broadcom BCM2836 SoC as the now $25Raspberry Pi Model B+, but it’s now clocked to 1GHz instead of 700MHz. The Zero is 40 percent faster than the original Raspberry Pi Model B, claims the Foundation’s Eben Upton in today’s blog announcement. It’s also 40 percent smaller than the Pi 1 B+

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AT&T offers $7,500 reward to catch tower vandals

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Police are investigating the destruction of an AT&T cell tower in Denison, Texas.According to reports, an unknown person cut the guy wires around the 250-foot tower, causing it to topple over and collapse. Upon initial assessment, it appears the cutting of the wires was no accident and was done as an act of pure vandalism. Nothing was stolen from the tower site. While cell tower thefts are becoming increasingly common, pure vandalism of these towers is much less common.


Amateur radio operator accused of blocking broadcasts

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It took a probe that spanned two years and a stealth visit to the Cincinnati area, but a Federal Communications Commission enforcement official says his bureau caught a Union Township amateur radio operator intentionally interfering with the transmissions of his broadcasting buddies.

The man identified and now facing a proposed $8,000 FCC fine is Daniel R. Hicks, who earlier had volunteered in the search to find the culprit accused of using someone else’s call sign to broadcast interference that evolved from being a nuisance into an obscene and racist affront.

James Bridgewater, district director of the FCC Northeast Region Enforcement Bureau office in Detroit, said one of his agents spent April 7, 2014, to April 9, 2014, in the Cincinnati area investigating multiple complaints from amateur radio operators about interference with their radio transmissions.

“The agent, working with a local amateur group which included Mr. Hicks, was unable to locate the source of the transmissions,” Bridgewater said in a notice announcing that the FCC enforcement bureau is recommending Hicks pay an $8,000 fine….

Read Full Article:Link

DX Alert App ( Mobile )

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DX Alert App

 Instead of being connected to a DX cluster directly you can use DX Alert to monitor the cluster for you and get notifications on your phone or tablet when a DX is spotted that matches the rules you set up

DXAlert1 DXAlert2

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The FCC has announced a series of eye-popping fines against companies over the past two years: Roughly $100 million against nearly a dozen firms for defrauding a phone subsidy program, $35 million against a Chinese company for selling illegal wireless jamming equipment, and $100 million against AT&T this June for throttling customers on unlimited data plans.

But how much of that money has the commission actually collected? $0.

While the FCC has always had a cumbersome process to impose penalties, the increasingly large fines proposed by the FCC are highlighting the gap between attention-grabbing press releases and slow-moving collection. The disconnect is drawing scrutiny in Congress as the FCC’s enforcement bureau – led by a former aide to California Attorney General Kamala Harris – is aggressively targeting companies on everything from their billing practices to data security to Wi-Fi blocking.

Read the full story at

HF Mobile Antennas by Ham Nation

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Gordon West (WB6NOA) talks about HF mobile antennas, and getting the feed-point impedance at 50 Ohms. Also covered, is a recommendation on the type of antenna vehicle mounts to use, and those to avoid

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HOW MANY HAMS? Demographics

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ZA90IARU, ZA1WW Albania & Z60A, Z60WW Kosovo

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Pristina, Kosovo


Combining the interests of two countries with the same origin, language, religion and culture, an international

group will activate both of them toward the end of this week.

The group consisting of  ZA1G, Fatos,  ZA1U,Edmund, DL3DXX Dietmar, Z61DX, Driton, Z63HBF, Hide, Z62FB, Fehmi, Leena, OH2BE and Martti, OH2BH will activate several stations, including ZA90IARU, ZA1WW and Z60A, Z60WW on the air from their respective countries in the CQWWDX Contest.

The project includes in meeting telecom administrators of both countries.


ZA1WW, Z60A and Z60WW via OH2BH

ET3AA Ethiopia K4ZW

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Ken, K4ZW will be active again from Ethiopia starting 28 November 2015 as ET3AA.
He planning to be active in CQ WW DX CW Contest also.
QSL via N2OO.
Ads for direct QSL:


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Ham Radio is a great hobby for the entire Family!  In an effort to encourage more kids and their families to get involved in the hobby, Ham Radio (dot) World is working with the Lake Monroe Amateur Radio Society (LMARS) in Central Florida to put an all-kids Special Event ARRL Field Day station on the air in 2016. This station will have the special event call sign of K1D and it will be set-up, operated, and put away exclusively by kids who are ham radio operators.  Kids and their parents (both licensed hams and non-hams alike) are encouraged to come out and participate in this exciting event.  We will be posting videos of the kids’ progress as they build their MFJ tuners, antennas, Go Kit, and solar power supply.  If you know of any kid ham radio operators who might want to participate in this exciting Special Event, contact us!


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Successful SSTV and Digitalker transmissions from SPROUT

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On November 22, 2015 SSTV and Digitalker transmissions were made from the SPROUT amateur radio satellite on 437.600 MHz FM (+/- 9 kHz Doppler shift). These transmissions are planned to take place every Sunday (Japanese Standard Time).

Many FM radios can be switched been wide and narrow deviation FM filters. For best results you should select the wider filter designed for 5 kHz deviation FM.

SPROUT (Space Research On Unique….READ MORE

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KB6NU’s Column

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Kids are Not the Future of Ham Radio.
By Dan Romanchik, KB6NU

You’ve heard it a million times: our kids are the future. That statement gets applied to almost everything, including amateur radio. How can you argue with an obvious fact like that?

But I am starting to think it is incorrect.

We’ve had really good success on creating new hams of all ages in our Technician License Class (at the Tri-Lakes Monument Radio Association). We’ve been doing this for a while now and I think I am seeing a pattern emerge. We’ve been able to attract middle schoolers to the class and help them get their ham radio license. I’ve talked to many of them on the air. They’ve helped out with public service events. They seem to have fun playing with radios.


Skywarn Recognition Day – December 4th @ 7PM in Melbourne

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NWS Melbourne, Florida
2015 SKYWARN™ Recognition Day 
 Friday, December 4th at 7PM to Saturday, December 5th at 7PM
 During the first weekend of December, the National Weather Service Office in Melbourne, Florida will support SKYWARN™ Recognition Day for the 17th consecutive year.  The event for Amateur Radio (ham) operators will be held from 7 pm Friday, December 4th until 7 pm Saturday, December 5th and is co-sponsored by the NWS ( and the American Radio Relay League (ARRL;  We will also host a SKYWARN™ Open House from 10 AM to 4 PM on Saturday, December 5th, where local amateur radio operators and their family members can stop by for tours of event operations and of the National Weather Service office.


WestVARS looking for check-ins and signal reports from East Volusia County

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The WestVARS club in DeLand conducts a weekly 10M roundtable Wednesday nights on 28.315 MHz, USB. The roundtable follows immediately after the WestVARS 2M net on 147.315 MHz at 8 PM. The 2M net is usually over by 8:15 PM.

While this is not an ARES net, it affords an excellent opportunity to see what sort of HF ground wave coverage we can achieve in Volusia County. In the event of a total infrastructure failure, 10M just might be the best band for county wide communications, while allowing participation by all license classes.

We would appreciate any check ins/signal reports from the eastern quadrants of Volusia County.

Reed / WW3A


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“We learned this afternoon our wonderful mentor and inspiration Rich Strand KL7RA passed away in Anchorage after a brief illness.  This is a huge sorrow for the contest community and for Alaska hams in particular.  His countless friends and a few enemies alike will always remember Rich for the funny, generous, determined, pig-headed genius he was.  He built friendships and spread knowledge around the world.”

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Ham Radio : The Crucial Link to the Outside World

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by Donna Reyer

“It’s all about transferring information when information just doesn’t want to flow because something critical happened. ” said William Ahrens of the Putnam Emergency and Amateur Repeater League (PEARL).  In early May PEARL participated in the 10th Annual Children’s Safety Fair at the Office of Emergency Management on Route 6 in Carmel. …. More

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FCC Proposes Enhancements to Wireless Emergency Alerts

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For Immediate Release



WASHINGTON, November 19, 2015 – The Federal Communications Commission today proposed rules to strengthen Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA), a system that delivers critical  warnings and information to Americans on their wireless phones. The proposals are intended to promote the wider use and effectiveness of this lifesaving service, especially for state and local  authorities to convey important information to their communities.

Since its launch in 2012, WEA has informed Americans about severe weather, missing children, and other emergencies via text-like alerts to their wireless phones. Now that the FCC has three years’ experience with the service, and in light of stakeholder feedback and technological advancements since the FCC adopted technical and procedural requirements for WEA in 2008,
the agency is seeking comment on potential enhancements.

In a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) adopted today, the Commission proposed changes to improve WEA message content, ensure that the messages reach only those people for whom an
alert is relevant, and to establish a WEA testing program that will improve the effectiveness of the system for public safety officials and the public. The NPRM includes proposals to:

 Increase the maximum length of WEA messages (from 90 to 360 characters) in order to convey more information;


PJ2T Contest Station on Curacao

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PJ2T, located at our club’s permanent QTH called “Signal Point,” is situated on half an acre of oceanfront property adjacent to what used to be called the Coral Cliff Hotel, formerly owned by PJ9EE, Mr. Chet Brandon. This was the site of the famous Radioteam Finland PJ9W contest operations in 1990. The QTH was previously owned by W1BIH (SK), and has played host to winning contest operations since 1968.

With towers of 100, 80, and 54 feet, stacked monobanders on 10, multiple long-boom monoband yagis on 15 and 20, a 40 yagi at 104 feet, and a hilltop European tribander, PJ2T can split power and simultaneously beam toward Europe and the U.S. using a 4O3A high power triplexer and StackMatch boxes. Wire beams, Beverage antennas, flags, and an RX four square serve on the low bands, and indoors are four fully equipped stations with desktop computers, Writelog, an Ethernet LAN, and DSL Internet connectivity. The station is located on the southwest coast in the “sticks” about 45 minutes from town, so it’s an electrically quiet location, good for hamming and so dark that the stars are incredible.

This is a video of the Signal Point PJ2T station on Curacao, taken in July 2015 with a DJI Inspire 1 quadcopter, photography by Michael van Drunen of Michael Photography.

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10 Year-Old Ham AE4FH Talks About Amateur Radio Contesting

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Hello fellow hams and not hams, my name is Faith Hannah and that’s Faith and Hannah put together (my first name has two names in it).

I took my Tech test on February 7, 2015 and my callsign came up in the data base as KM4IBV, and on February 28, 2015, I upgraded to General.  About a week later, my vanity call arived as WA4BBC.  I’m not sure how I came up with it, but it just plopped into my head the day before I took my Tech test.

In April, I passed my Extra Class license exam and I now have the callsign, AE4FH (Amateur Extra 4 Faith Hannah).

I am 10 years old and yes, I participated in the Virginia QSO Party and got 198 contacts!  But I did have to say on the radio “Whoa, whoa, whoa, please slow down, I’m only 10,” because there were dozens of stations at once and I worked over 100 QSO’s in just an hour.  I was in Dinwiddie County, VA and the station I was operating was the only station in the county, so I was VERY POPULAR!

Also my brother and I were asked to speak at the Dayton Ham Fest about antennas.  The we spoke on May 16, 2015.  This is a  video of our presentaton.  We spoke about antennas that we made.

Almost my whole family are hams, Dad (WX4TV), Mom (N8ZQZ), Zechariah (WX4TVJ), me, Hope (KM4IPF), and my other sister Grace is studying for her Tech test.

 73, WA4BBC (Faith Hannah)

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November Volusia ARES meeting – Nov 21st from 3pm – 5pm

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The ARES meeting will be on November 21st. We will have a short over view of last month’s Ms150.

For the past few months there has been discussions about what digital data mode ARES should build on for strategic points such as Hospitals, City and County EOC’s. This would also be for general ham use. The modes discussed are.

Winlink 2K

I would like to invite everyone to attend this meeting to be part of this conversation. Even if you have little to no knowledge of digital data and have questions. I would like to hear everyone's opinion or suggestions on what direction ARES should look to for the future.

If you have interest in a mode not list please bring it up at the meeting. I would like to hear of any suggestions you may have.

You can find time and directs to the meeting at this link.

I look forward to see you at this months meeting.

Karl Martin KG4HBN
Emergency Coordinator
Volusia County Florida

World Radiocommunication Conference Approves Global 60 Meter Allocation!

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The Plenary Meeting of the 2015 World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-15) in Geneva has approved an allocation of 5351.5-5366.5 kHz to the Amateur Service on a secondary basis with a power limit of 15 W effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP). The November 18 decision on Agenda Item 1.4 was adopted on two back-to-back readings. Some Region 2 countries, but not the US, will be permitted up to 25 W EIRP. With this action, and despite conditions that are more restrictive than had been hoped at the start of the Conference, the Amateur Service has obtained its first new global HF allocation since 1979. The new bandwill not become available until and unless the FCC adopts the Acts of the Conference and establishes operating rules. Until then, the five discrete channels will remain in place.

The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) team in Geneva is now focusing its efforts on tweaking the agenda for WRC-19. It is likely, but not certain, that the agenda will include an effort to harmonize the Amateur Radio allocation at 50 MHz. A proposed agenda item to align the 160 meter allocation in Region 1 with the rest of the world is no longer under active consideration.

The WRC-19 agenda will also likely pose spectrum defense challenges, including the possible consideration of the 144 MHz and 430 MHz Amateur Radio allocations for sharing with the space operations service, and the possible consideration of one or more bands above 10 GHz for 5G smartphone use. The bounds of these potential defensive items, however, are still under discussion.

The IARU team continues to monitor several other WRC-15 items that appear to be headed toward acceptable conclusions. WRC-15 continues through the signing of the Final Acts on November 27.

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Baofeng UV-5R Extreme Test! – Fire , Water , Freezer

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Hello all! K5CLC here to share a really crazy and extreme field test I did on my year old Baofeng UV5R, to test its merit under the most extreme conditions, proving it is not just a toy but a dual band radio HT worth every penny! (Even though they are the cheapest radios around.) Some have said ‘You get what you pay for’ meaning if it’s cheap it must be worthless. But it’s been my experience that this little rig has stood up to daily punishment for well over a year, been tossed into a bag and used in the mountains in Colorado, and out in the woods of East Texas. I hope you enjoy watching this experiment.

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State Ousts Leader Of Oregon Amateur Radio Service

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The state is cutting ties with the head of Oregon’s amateur radio service, Vince Van Der Hyde.

The cut comes after he asked volunteers not to take part in a recent emergency drill — because of bad equipment and control issues.

When Oregon suffers a major earthquake, cell phones, telephone lines and other communication systems may fail — or be overwhelmed. So the state has an agreement with amateur radio enthusiasts to provide a backup system.

That system was scheduled to be tested during a drill last week.….READ MORE

For Sale -Yaesu MD-100A8X Dynamic Microphone – by W1PX

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Yaesu MD-100A8X Dynamic Microphone

Like New Condition

Asking $100 Cash

Allen Bestwick, W1PX

For Sale – YAESU Model FT-990 – by W1PX

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W1PX-Yaesu Model FT990

YAESU Model FT-990 with Built-in power supply

10-160 Meter Operation @ 100 Watts, Autotuner, Operating Manual and Hand Mic.

Asking $500 Cash.

Allen Bestwick, W1PX

Building Buddipole Yagis – A Practical Demonstration

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Building Buddipole Yagis – A practical demonstration by ZL4PLM using standard Buddipole parts.

See Video...

Update ! VK9WA – Willis Island

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Novermber 16 1200 GMT – . They reported that the receive antenna for 160 is not working and will have to wait until daylight to see what the problem might be.

November 15 2200 GMT –They have the 160 antenna and receive antenna system installed now and hope to be on every day forward.  For NA/SA watch 10-13 GMT. I’m sure they have some times for EU and JA but have not received anything to post on that. They will adjust times accordingly.  They have had some antenna damage that they have been able to repair. It is extremely hot with lots of bird guano. There was a log error it appears from 11/14, 2300 to possibly 0100.. 15 M SSB QSOs were entered as CW. They will clear all of that up when they return if not before. Everything seems to be running smoothly. They are keeping Clublog updated twice a day when possible. Their Statistics on Clublog show fairly even percentages on the main continental areas, AS, EU, and NA.

Novermber 14 2000 GMT – . They have been on about 12 hours now and everything running good. They have had good sigs on the bands I have heard them, 40,30, 20 and 12. They are working on the 160 M antenna and a low band receive antenna. Also a 2 ele yagi to supplement their SteppIR verticals.


IARU: Amateur Allocation at 60 Meters Making Positive Progress at WRC-15

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At World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 (WRC-15), currently under way in Geneva, the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) has reported further progress toward reaching consensus on a new 15 kHz-wide global secondary 60 meter Amateur Radio allocation at 5351.5-5366.5 kHz. Last week, Conference Working Group 4B agreed to the global secondary allocation, with power limits designed to protect primary services from harmful interference. The current compromise within the working group making the allocation possible now has cleared Committee 4, but one hurdle remains, and the issue is not final until it too is cleared.

“While this is a positive step to a worldwide secondary amateur allocation at 5 MHz it is not yet final until it has been approved by the Conference Plenary,” said IARU President Tim Ellam, VE6SH, who attended the first part of the WRC-15. “The 15 kHz allocation on a secondary basis is the result of significant compromise by a number of stakeholders in this portion of the spectrum. It will provide the opportunity for access to 60 meters for countries that do not presently have a domestic allocation.”


Skywarn Training Successful.

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Great turn out at the Skywarn training

skywarn1 skywarn2

Voting concluded…

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Current Nominations:

Club President

  • K4TUG - Captain John Locicero (Incumbent)

Club Vice-President

  • KA4WDK - Arthur Byrnes
Club Treasurer

  • N3DFI - Bob Binnie

Club Secretary

  • KI4VWP - Carolyn Truesdale (Incumbent)
  • KM4COX - Richard Simson

Directors (3 positions open)

  • WD3B - Dennis Bergoyne (Incumbent)
  • N9HF - David Kerl (Incumbent)
  • KA4NHH - Kerry Dunham


Final verified results should be posted soon.

Current Information:

President: Captain John LoCicero (K4TUG)
Vice-President: Arthur Byrnes (KA4WDK)
Club Treasurer: Bob Binnie (N3DFI)
Club Secretary: Carolyn Truesdale (KI4VWP)
Directors (2016-2018):

  • Dennis Bergoyne (WD3B)
  • David Kerl (N9HF)
  • Kerry Dunham (NA4NHH)


Medium Wave Experimenters Special Event Operation November 13 and 14

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If you own a radio that will tune below 550 kHz, listen for the Medium Wave Experimenters Special Event Operation November 13 and 14. Read the full story here: (Photo by PA0O of his K9AY receiving loop antenna.)

Two-way radio dealer in Anniston closes doors after nearly 70 years

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A local business that once received millions from the federal government to set up a countywide radio system for first responders has closed its doors, the company’s chief executive officer said Saturday.

McCord Communications began selling personal radios in 1947, and by 1966, had transitioned to selling and maintaining two-way radios used by police, fire and emergency medical agencies. In the 1990s, McCord was chosen to help implement and maintain a $16 million radio system in Calhoun County. The network would allow personnel with those public safety agencies to quickly coordinate an evacuation in the event of a release of chemical weapons stored and later destroyed at the Anniston Army Depot.

The company ceased operations Friday, according to CEO Mike McCord.

“It was just no longer financially viable,” McCord said of the company, which sold, installed and repaired Motorola radios, outdoor sirens, and video surveillance technology in 13 Alabama counties.

McCord’s father, Clyde, started the business, but it had been employee-owned since 2012. About fifty people worked for the company.



Ominous Dark Hole on the Sun, Two Solarstorms & Marathon Aurora: Solar Storm Forecast

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The Sun is keeping aurora photographers busy and amateur radio operators frustrated this week as it continues to rattle Earth’s shield with fast solar wind and Earth-directed solar storms. We’ve had gorgeous aurora all over the world since November 3rd and now we have two more Earth-directed storms on their way. Catch up on the recent activity, some beautiful aurora timelapses, and see how the Sun will affect you this week!

For daily and often hourly updates (during active times) visit me on Twitter:

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DX News — ARRL DX Bulletin #45

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DX Bulletin 45 ARLD045
>From ARRL Headquarters
Newington CT November 12, 2015
To all radio amateurs

ARLD045 DX news

This week’s bulletin was made possible with information provided by RW6HS, QRZ DX, the OPDX Bulletin, 425 DX News, The Daily DX, DXNL, Contest Corral from QST and the ARRL Contest Calendar and WA7BNM web sites. Thanks to all.

ITU HQ, 4UxITU. The 4U1ITU station in Geneva is QRV as 4U1WRC during the WRC-15 conference until November 27. QSL via 4U1ITU.



Sad News – KL7RA in hospital

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“Rich, KL7RA, is under care for suffering a heart attack.  This unfolded before the Sweepstakes CW contest – but he was very determined that I still do the contest.

He is fighting for his life – and has beat the odds making it this far. Hopefully – he will continue making positive progress – but this will be a long process.

Currently – he is under critical care – with a dedicated nurse – with his wife and children there.  He is responding to vocal commands.

You can send email to him using the Providence Anchorage web page:

You can also send QSL cards to the hospital address.  PLEASE do not call the hospital.  Rich is not able to take them – and the family does not need to deal with hearing from hams at this point.

Please keep Rich’s recovery in your thoughts.

Tree N6TR