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Wanted: Aluma Tower Crank-up Tower - by KI4UCW
For Sale - Palstar AT4K Tuner for sale - by W1LVL
For Sale - ICOM 7700 Radio - by W1LVL

DBARA Picnic

Saturday October 22nd, 2016
Reed Canal Park
South Daytona Beach, FL

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China space station to fall to Earth in 2017

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China's first space station is expected to fall back to Earth in the second half of 2017, amid speculation authorities have lost control of it.

The Tiangong-1 or "Heavenly Palace" laboratory was launched in 2011 as part of an ambitious Chinese plan to catch up with other space powers.

However, a senior space official has said the lab had "comprehensively fulfilled its historical mission".

The lab is currently intact and orbiting at 370km above ground.


Margaretsville Light activation

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The Annapolis Valley Amateur Radio Club will activate the Margaretsville Light, ARLHS CAN-306, Nova Scotia, Canada on the afternoon of Sunday, 25 September. Operations will commence at 1500 UTC, and will continue until approximately 1900 UTC. Callsign used will be VA1AVR.

The Margaretsville Light is located on the shores of the Bay of Fundy, on the west coast of Nova Scotia. Its approximate coordinates are LAT: 45° 03' N, LON: 065° 04' W. It is in Maidenhead Grid FN75.

Members of the club will operate CW and SSB on 40M, various digital modes on 30M, and SSB on 20M. Power will be 100 watts, and antennas will include dipoles and verticals. QSL via eQSL.


China’s new Earth-orbiting space station visible in night sky

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HOW TO SEE THE NEW CHINESE SPACE STATION: Amateur astronomers have spotted China's new Earth-orbiting space station, which was launched just last week. Although it is only a fraction of the size of the ISS, the Tiangong-2 is visible to the naked eye from dark-sky sites. Visit today's edition of for observing tips and a video of the outpost gliding across the night sky.

AT&T tries broadband over power lines again

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‘Project AirGig’ shows the classics never die, but radio hams might feel homicidal

AT&T has charged up the paddles, yelled “clear!”, and fired the defibrillator into one of telecommunications’ worst ideas: broadband over power lines (BPL).

 Except, as chief strategy officer John Donovan stressed in a media call, this isn’t BPL, it’s kind of wireless-broadband-near-powerlines.

The Reg wasn’t invited to the call, and AT&T’s statements and video (below) are annoyingly vague about the technology.

However, Donovan said the company’s gone public because the patents it’s been filing for “AirGig” were starting to attract attention, so we went to the USPTO.

The general AirGig system is outlined in this patent, granted in October 2015.

It covers “surface wave” transmissions along power lines, in the 30 GHz to 300 GHz range…READ FULL ARTICLE

Get Set for the SET: ARRL 2016 Simulated Emergency Test is October 1-2 Weekend

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The primary focal point of the 2016 ARRL Simulated Emergency Test (SET) is just ahead — Saturday and Sunday, October 1 and 2. The national emergency exercise is aimed at testing the skills and preparedness of Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and other organizations that are called into action in actual emergency situations.

“Every local ARES team and/or ARRL Section will come up with their own scenarios and work with served agencies and partner organizations during the SET,” ARRL Field Organization Team Supervisor Steve Ewald, WV1X, said, noting that not all SETs will take place on October 1 and 2.

“SETs can be scheduled at the local and Section levels and conducted throughout the fall to help maximize participation,” he said, “but ARRL Field Organization leaders have the option of conducting their SETs on another weekend, if October 1 and 2 are not convenient.”


ARRL Announces Club Competition Eligibility Changes

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Earlier this year, following a challenge that resulted in the realignment of several club scores in the ARRL 10 Meter Contest, it became clear that the Club Competition rules were not being enforced as consistently as they should have been. In order to make sure club results are accurate and fair to all, the ARRL Contest Branch is renewing its effort to help clubs comply with the rules (See Section 8 of the “General Rules for All Contests.”) The Contest Branch has announced changes in three areas: Online uploading of club rosters, the use of six-character grid locators, and the deadline for submitting eligibility.

Online Uploading of Rosters

Clubs now will be able to upload a club roster via an online web page, just as they do with contest logs. This service is being developed for the ARRL by Bruce Horn, WA7BNM, and Trey Garlough, N5KO. Using this web page, a club can upload the necessary information, and it will be time stamped and stored (see below for the data format). It will no longer be necessary to mail, e-mail, or fax the club roster to the Contest Branch. The club secretary or other authorized member just has to upload a file containing the current club roster, including the club’s section or the center of the club’s eligibility circle. The web service will also provide a window to copy and paste from a text list that includes the necessary information. This process has worked exceptionally well for submitting contest logs and has been accepted by the contest community as convenient and trouble free. A group of club secretaries is currently testing the process to be sure it works as expected.

Six-Character Grid Locators


Drone flies 12 cm on wireless power

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Hackaday reports that researchers from Imperial College London have demonstrated a drone powered by a 13.560 MHz radio signal

Read the Hackaday story and watch the video at…/17/drone-flys-12-cm-on-wireless-power/

An Amateur Radio-Military Interoperability Exercise for Halloween

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An Amateur Radio-Military Interoperability Exercise will take place over the October 31 - November 1 weekend.

The event will begin at 1200 UTC on October 31 and continue through 2359 UTC on November 1 on 60 meter channels 1-4 —5.3305 MHz, 5.3465 MHz, 5.357 MHz, and 5.3715 MHz, respectively.…/amateur-radio-military-interoperabili…

September 23-24 WORLD DIGITAL ATV/DATV QSO Party.

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It's on again starting at 1000 UTC on Friday 23rd September. Friday night in Melbourne will be VK only with contacts to VK2, VK3, VK4 VK5 and VK7. VK3RTV will again be streamed in SD on U Tube courtesy of Ralph Parkhurst, VK3LL.

Ralph will advise the link before the event.

Outside the coverage of VK3RTV, this will be by far the best way to view the activities. We will also continue to stream VK3RTV on the BATC website which will give even more coverage.

At 0000 UTC on Saturday 24th of September we will start through the DATV repeater WR8ATV in Columbus Ohio. After a short break we will pick up the W6ATN network in Southern California. Of note there is the system has some new uplinks on DVB-T so it will be interesting to see those stations using this function. Unfortunately our friends in the UK will be busy with the BATC
Convention so it is unlikely that contacts to the UK will be made this year.

Any station in the US or AUS who would like to Skype in please send a request to Skype name ' datvqsoparty' and I will call you in when a time slot is appropriate. Please do not call this Skype name as it creates problems for me this end.

I hope to catch up some time over the activity period.

I'm Peter VK3BFG

Wednesday – Portable Ops – Sunrise Park

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Next Wednesday we repair to the beautiful Sunrise Park (Riverside Drive and LPGA, Holly Hill)where, while dodging the Pokemon zombies

we will again try to capture QRP DX. Maybe all the way to Flagler County.

After this exercise we will discuss our glories at Woody's for the worlds best chicken salad.


Wanted: Aluma Tower Crank-up Tower – by KI4UCW

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n2knl-aluma tower center (800x588) (640x470)
Wanted: Aluma Tower Crank-up Tower in Palm Coast, FL area. If you have one you're looking to sell please let me know.
John Ki4UCW

A Record Breaker on 630 Meters!

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Although US radio amateurs do not yet have access to 630 meters, Canadian licensees do, and one of them was on the North American end of the first two-way contact between Canada and Australia. Steve McDonald, VE7SL, in British Columbia, Canada, and Roger Crofts, VK4YB, in Queensland, Australia, completed a contact between 1225 and 1319 UTC on September 15 using JT9 digital mode. The distance covered was on the order of 7000 miles.

“This morning a historic QSO for the Amateur Service was completed!” commented John Langridge, KB5NJD, who also holds an FCC Part 5 Experimental license WG2XIQ. “This is also the longest two-way QSO on 630 meters ever completed.” The contact took place on 475.300 kHz.

McDonald said band conditions were just good enough to get the job done. “Well, it wasn’t pretty as in ‘pretty-quick,’ but it’s done,” he told Langridge in recounting the contact. “Signals were way down compared to last week, but I was running barefoot only then. Today the full 5 W EIRP helped a lot.” McDonald told ARRL the band “was not particularly good this far north and was much better just a few hundred miles to my south.” He said the band had been improving each day over the past week, “little by little.”


Simulated emergency communication tests around the world

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A trend among groups of radio amateurs involved in emergency communications is the use of disaster scenarios to test equipment and learn lessons from what went right during an exercise, and what could be improved.

Recently a number of such tests have occurred in the Philippines, North America, Europe and elsewhere. Every year emergency communication groups engage in GlobalSET, or a simulated emergency test, with eachIARU region having been involved since 2006.

The GlobalSETs have tested the capabilities through message handling, and in 2015 a preparedness or call-out exercise was held to measure the immediate, short and medium term availability by radio amateurs should an emergency occur.

When authorities and responding agencies test disaster preparedness, many groups involved benefit greatly from the training provided and by working together.


Ham Radio Operators Reach Out To Public For Help In Project To Benefit Wounded Warriors

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Ham radio operators from Philadelphia’s Holmesburg section are reaching out to the public for help in a service project to benefit our wounded warriors.

Bob Josuweit is president of the Holmesburg Amateur Radio Club and is helping to coordinate the project.

He says the club is asking you to save the envelopes of the cards or letters you might receive and donate the stamps from those envelopes to the group for its “Stamps for the Wounded” project.

“Cancelled stamps are collected and then distributed to local VA hospitals and other convalescent facilities where our wounded warriors can receive occupational therapy using the stamps either to put into albums or to make decorative items.”


Wednesday – Portable Ops – Reed Canal Park

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---[ Update ]---
WX report does not look promising but our fearless leader still has hope for clearing tomorrow.

If the weather is still crappy we will simply assemble at Wendy's (Ridgewood Ave and Big Tree)
at 11:30 to discuss what might have been.



We have NFL Game Day and Monday Nite Football, now we introduceWednesday QRP.

On September 14, all are to assemble at Reed Canal Park for yet another epic struggle to squeeze out as many "Miles per Watt" as possible.

After wards, stop at Cheap Charlies low price CITGO station on your way to Wendy's.

You wont find a better offer at Ashleys Home Furniture.


The US House of Representatives will consider the Amateur Radio Parity Act, H.R. 1301

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The US House of Representatives will consider the Amateur Radio Parity Act, H.R. 1301, under a suspension of the rules on Monday, September 12. A suspension of the rules is a legislative procedure used to quickly pass non-controversial bills.

H.R. 1301 is one of 19 bills being considered today. Watch C-Span now for live coverage of today's voting activity.

More information from ARRL is here:

Live coverage on C-Span of today's voting here:

Volusia ARES September Meeting Information

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This Saturday September 17 at 3pm will be the ARES monthly meeting. I will be sharing the MS 150 information that I have. We will also be covering programing and knowing how to use your VFO on your radio.

The MS 150 will be October 22 and 23. Volunteers will be stationed at MS 150 rest stop along the bike route. Most stops will be located at a park or other public area. At this time I have the following volunteers.

Doug and Ann K4DMH/K8PWE
Warren AE4WG
Dennis WD3B
Charlie WX4CB


SPOT: 9/11 special event stations WA2NYC 7.270 and 14.260.

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Tim Lovejoy Spot...N4G...7.244.00

Youthful hams live and learn on the air

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For those who missed it, there was an article in most editions of the Hometown News.

New Background Check Form online

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Good morning.
The county has updated there background check form. The new form can be found here.
If you have already completed your background check then there is no need to to do it agin.
For those who have not had there background check you must complete and submit this form to the county to be able to deploy during a disaster. When submitting this form, notify me of the date or send me a copy so that I can track where the form is in the process.
Thank you.


Karl Martin KG4HBN
ARES Emergency Coordinator
To complete this check you must fill out this form but do not sign or date it. This form must be notarized by a notary public.

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 2028 September 9, 2016

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This Saturday @ 10am – Disaster Preparedness Expo

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I know this is short notice but we just got this information.

Disaster Preparedness Expo this Saturday, September 10, 2016. Expo time will be 10:00 am - 1:00 pm to be held at the
Home Depot, 2359 S.R. 44, New Smyrna Beach, FL.

Karl Martin KG4HBN
ARES Emergency Coordinator

Wednesday Portable Ops – Veterans Memorial Park (behind Wendy’s)

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With the weather hopefully moderating we shall return to our old stamping grounds at Veterans Memorial Park, Palmetto Ave and Big Tree, South Daytona.

There we shall again assault the ether with powerful radio waves possibly reaching as far as Flagler or even Orange Counties.

After our exertions we will refresh our exhausted bodies at Wendys, where a small softee is only 50 cents.


For Sale – Palstar AT4K Tuner for sale – by W1LVL

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Palstar AL-811 Tuner, in excellent condition, $425, has documentation and box. Prefer not to ship.

al-811 AND Palstar AT4K Tuner for sale. Both In excellent condition $425.00 Each, both have documentation and tuner has box. Prefer not to ship


George W1LVL 386-760-5506

Amateur radio operators prepare for Tropical Storm Hermine

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Many amateur radio operators are stepping in to help emergency workers during Tropical Storm Hermine.

The radio operators are volunteers who provide a variety of services, including emergency communications for state and federal agencies when storms hit.

With Tropical Storm Hermine making its way toward Florida, dozens of amateur radio operators are standing by.

“We certainly hope that we’re never needed, but we’re ready to go,” said Clay County Amateur Radio Emergency Services Training Officer Joe Bassett.

He said they are getting ready to answer the call if land lines, cell phones or the internet fail.


Governor Scott Declares a State of Emergency in Florida in Preparation for Tropical Depression Nine

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August 31, 2016

(850) 717-9282

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott issued Executive Order 16-205 declaring a state of emergency in 42 counties within the state of Florida in preparation for Tropical Depression Nine. To view Executive Order 16-205, click HERE.

Governor Scott said, “Last night, hurricane and tropical storm watches were issued along Florida’s Gulf Coast from Pasco County to Gulf County. We also learned that the National Hurricane Center expects Tropical Depression Nine to become a Tropical Storm sometime today. It is crucial that every Floridian has a plan in place to ensure their families, homes and businesses are fully prepared. Floridians can make their own plan at I have been closely monitoring this storm’s development and our emergency management officials have been working hard to make sure we are ready to respond to any potential impacts. By declaring a state of emergency in advance of this storm, we are ensuring that state, regional and local agencies can work together to meet the needs of our communities. We will continue to do all we can to keep our families and visitors safe and informed as this storm approaches our state.”


For Sale – ICOM 7700 Radio – by W1LVL

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For sale  Icom IC-7700. Radio is like new (I am the second owner). 200 watts 160 Thru 6 meters. Built in power supply, has optional rack handles, Box and original manual in binder. 3000.00 or consider cash and trade such as Icom IC-7600, later IC PRO3, or Kenwood TS-590SG.


George W1LVL and phone 386-760-5506

Portable Ops – LPGA – Wednesday

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With summer winding down and cooler weather ahead, it is time to renew our acquaintance with Mother Nature.

This coming Wednesday, August 31 we will cheerfully assemble at Sunrise Park (LPGA and Riverside Drive, Holly Hill) To continue our assault on the airwaves.

If Art, WB4MNK brings his magnetic loop to the party, it is a sight to behold. Just a couple of old coat hangers bent into a circle and WOW does it work!

Of course, we will retire to Woodys for their Michelin star Chicken Salad and great conversation


UBSEDS19/20 balloons launch Monday

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Richard Meadows M0SBU reports two high altitude balloons carrying 434 MHz payloads will launch from Bristol on Monday. There will be Slow Scan Digital Video (SSDV) transmissions

We're planning the first launch of 'pico-pi', our Raspberry Pi Zero based tracker, from Bristol this Bank Holiday Monday, August 29 between 0500 and 0530 BST. This launch is using a 1.9m envelope and longer payload train, and so we have a NOTAM in place.

There's more information about the tracker itself here:

The combined payload mass will be about 70 grams, and the attempted float altitude will be about 13 km. This is our first launch of this setup, so it seems unlikely that everything will go to plan!