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HamCation(SM) and ARRL

This weekend marks the combination of the Orlando Amateur Radio Club's HamCationSM and the ARRL National Convention for 2016!

All starts this Friday!


Upcoming Skywarn Training

Monday, March 21st, @ 7:30 pm

The First Presbyterian Church
620 South Grandview Avenue
Daytona Beach, FL 32118

Classifieds / For Sale

For Sale - AT1500CV by N2GBT
Wanted: Looking for Rohn Tower pieces - W4ACP
For Sale - Software Defined Radio - by WN2SQC

DBARA Repeaters


Other Volusia County Repeaters


Meeting of the Florida East Coast DX Club on March 12th, 2016

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 The Florida East Coast DX Club will hold their 1st meeting of 2016 on Saturday March 12,2016 from Noon to 2PM at Memaw's BBQ in Palm Bay,FL. Their address is 4916 Babcock St NE,Palm Bay,FL 32905. Their # is 321-409-9670. Their website is
 The Florida East Coast DX Club can be found by google, just use Florida East Coast DX Club.

 Warren Greenberg - AE4WG

Brighthouse Email server changed

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For those of you using Mozilla Thunderbird or any other application to check your email through Bright House Networks, the old server and have been discontinued. Please set both addresses in your software to in order to send and receive your email.

Good luck.


Wednesday – Portable Ops – Veteran’s Park (Wendy’s)

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2015-10-28 10.04.13

According to the DBARA web site, we are due to assemble at Veterans Memorial (Wendy's) Park on Wednesday, Feb. 10 for the QRP escapade.

Of course, this is dependent upon the weather which is predicted to be unfavorable.

Our fearless leader Art WB4MNK will make the decision and send out an updated bulletin hopefully in time.



Here is the plan for 2/10/2016 Wednesday morning. Lunch at Wendy's on Ridgewood at 11:30 am. See you guy's at Wendy's.

K5ZD Stepping Down as Director of CQ WW Contest

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Randy Thompson K5ZD has announced his intention to step down as Director of the CQ WW Contest as soon as a replacement can be found. The decision was due to increasing responsibilities in his professional career. The Director of the CQ WW Contest is responsible for appointing the members of the CQ WW Contest Committee and organizing their work to develop the rules, log checking, and production of the contest results.

Thompson became Director of the CQ WPX Contest in 2008 where he served through the 2012 contest. He was appointed as Director of CQ WW in September 2012. Under his leadership, the CQ WPX and CQ WW contests have improved the log checking process and enforcement actions against rule violations. The Web sites for the two contests were enhanced to include a historical database of all time scores, records, results, and log submission tools.

According to Thompson, “I have enjoyed working on the CQ contests and hope to stay involved with the web sites and log checking. The demands of a new job are preventing me from dedicating the time that the role deserves. With WPX, WW, and WRTC2014 activities over the past 8 years, I am ready for a break. I am very proud of the work the Committee has done in enforcing the rules and feel that contesting results are now more accurate than ever. I look forward to working with the new Director.”

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W4CFH should be out tomorrow!

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I visited with Chuck, W4CFH, earlier today and I am happy to report he
is in GREAT spirits, and out of bed. He was just finishing lunch when I
arrived, and we had a nice chat.

The good news is that all post-operative tests so far are positive, and
he should be released tomorrow. He will immediately begin cardiac rehab
in Port Orange on Wednesday.

Chuck asked me to thank everyone for their prayers and good wishes. He
knows he will have a TON of emails to go through once he gets home. He
expects to be back on the radio, as soon as they can work out the
logistics of getting the radio and recliner in the same room!

Please continue to keep Chuck and his family in your thoughts.

Reed / WW3A

Using Fiberglass Poles for HF Portable Operation

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HF Portable Operation – Fiberglass Poles

Explanation of benefits of fiberglass poles as supports for HF wire antennas.Note: I put the fed end of the antenna up high on the pole due to past success in that configuration. Other operators prefer having the fed end at ground level. Please feel free to leave a comment telling other viewers (and me) about your experiences.

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EZNEC Antenna Software by W7EL

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EZNEC and EZNEC+ are powerful but very easy-to-use programs for modeling and analyzing nearly any kind of antenna in its actual operating environment. EZNEC plots azimuth and elevation patterns; tells you gain, feedpoint impedance, SWR, and current distribution; finds and reports beamwidth, 3-dB pattern points, f/b ratio, takeoff angle, sidelobe characteristics; and more. All information, including patterns, can be displayed on screen or printed on any Windows compatible printer. And it’s easy to use with EZNEC‘s menu structure, spreadsheet-like entry, and many shortcut features. You describe the antenna (and other nearby structures if desired) as a group of straight conductors, choosing the orientation, length, and diameter. Add sources at the feedpoints and, if desired, transmission lines, a realistic ground, and loads to simulate loading coils, traps, or similar components. Using this description method, you can quickly analyze Yagis, quads, phased arrays, towers, loops — nearly any type of antenna or parasitic structure. Antenna descriptions and pattern plots are easily saved and recalled for future analysis. Multiple patterns can be superimposed on a single graph for comparison. See the pattern and antenna currents on the same color 3-D display as the antenna. Rotate the antenna display and zoom in for details. Want to make a change? EZNEC makes it simple.


Surgery was a success for W4CFH

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Chuck, W4CFH, underwent quadruple by-pass heart surgery and came through the operation well.  No idea yet on how long he will be in the hospital. I will keep everyone posted.


Steve, W1SGC


Chuck has recovered enough to receive visitors and phone calls.  He can be seen at Halifax Hospital, Daytona. more specific information posted on Volusia ARES's feed.

Japanese Ham Radio Satellite Launch

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ChubuSat-2, ChubuSat-3 and Horyu-4 are expected to launch between 0845-0930 UT on Friday, February 12 into a 575 km, 31 degree inclination orbit.

Yasutaka Narusawa JR2XEA provides the following information on ChubuSat-2/3:

Nagoya University(NU) and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries(MHI) developed 50kg microsatellite ChubuSat-2(NU) and ChubuSat-3(MHI). These satellites have amateur VHF receiver and amateur UHF transmitter, and will be launched on Feb. 12 2016 from Tanegashima, Japan. Komaki Amateur SATCOM Club operates these satellites from Komaki, Japan.

After the satellite separation, each satellite will transmit UHF CW beacon message including battery voltage etc. which is very important information for our initial and critical operation. So we are very happy if you receive the CW beacon message and report to us email:

In following web site, we show the information(frequency, format, TLE, etc.) about ChubuSat-2 and ChubuSat-3. If we have your report, we will show your report in this page


Long-time Amateur Radio Operator selling house…

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More Info...

After nearly 19 years retired in Florida, Sally and I need to move on to the next phase of retirement.   This 1/2 acre property on Lake Gleason is just too much for us to handle - and we are still young... (Next year I'll be 80 and Sally 87.)

For 18 of those 19 years I've had one of the most desirable Ham Radio sites in E. Central Florida (See picture on next email.)  It would be a shame for this site to be lost to Hamdom!  So, I want to get the word out among hams in case there is someone who might be interested - or knows someone who might be interested in purchasing the house.  .  Long shot  - perhaps - but want to give it a try.

We have our  FSBO website up and running - perhaps a work in progress, but looking pretty good, thanks to my son Scott in Denver!

Now I have to market - and that is where I'm asking for your help.

I would appreciate your efforts in getting the word out to the Ham Radio community by forwarding my next email to the DBARA group - and anyone else you might have on a list!  Dave, N4GMU has covered the WVARS club and the Florida Fone Net group lists for me.

This is especially important well ahead of HamCation where I'll have a table in the swaps section.  I'll have some ham gear to sell, and also be hawking the selling of the house.   Would also like to see old friends drop by - this will likely be my last Hamcation- have not missed one in 18 years.

This is a big step for Sally and me - Hard to leave all this, but 2400 sq ft house is just getting to be too much! Also we have a lot of pressure from our kids who want us back to Colorado before we (or they!) die!  The website that Scott engineered is an example of the phenomenal support we have from all of our extended families in Colorado.

NOTE:  At this time we do not want to spread the information as to where we are going.  (Best the market does not know that until we have a serious offer.)


bud N0IA

See Website...

Making Contact In The ‘Olympics’ Of Ham Radio

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Scott Redd, call sign K0DQ, tests his radio equipment the day before the event. Redd is an 11-time world champion ham radio operator, and a former vice admiral in the Navy. (Karen Given/Only A Game)

This story originally aired on Aug. 9, 2014. This week it appears again as a part of our ‘Best Of’show. 

Two by two, competitors representing 38 countries were called to the stage at the World Radiosport Team Championship, held in Westborough, Massachusetts. They’re not identified by their names, which nobody knows anyway, but by their call signs.

Clutching manila envelopes crammed with maps and instructions, the teams rushed out of the hotel banquet room. They’re eager to set up for what they describe as the “Olympics of ham radio.”

Organizers had already chosen the sites and raised the antennas. “It’s almost like we set the road course and now they’re bringing their cars and drivers and now they see what they can do,” said Randy Thompson, K5ZD, the co-chair of WRTC 2014….


Brentwood radio ham is still taking to the airwaves at age of 100

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AN AMATEUR radio ham operator from Hutton who has been taking to the airwaves since the 1920s has celebrated his 100th birthday.

Fred Crockford, who turned 100 today (Wednesday), still spends two hours a day speaking to amateur radio operators all over the world, including in New Zealand and Australia.

The grandfather-of-three and great-grandfather to a one-year-old girl, was born in Chertsey, Surrey, and began his lifelong love affair with amateur radio in 1926. He said: “We didn’t have licences in those days – it was just a number and two letters.

“But from that it just went on and on. It was governed by the Post Office in those early days.

“I have always been interested in amateur radio.

“I passed my first exam in 1967 and got my full licence in 1983 and have been at it ever since.

“The licence enables me to use equipment and speak to anyone on any band.”


10-Year-Old Mount Pleasant Boy Fights To Keep Ham Radio Tower

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A Racine County boy went to village hall in a fight to keep his ham radio.

See Video...

D-Star Repeater at 145.380 offline

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Mike Lee has decided to take the 145.380 D-Star repeater off the air this afternoon.  It will be replaced by a new DMR repeater.  When Mike installed the 145.380 in 2010, he also had access to a second antenna mount on top of the Halifax hospital.  However, he removed the 440 D-Star machine and relocated it to Jacksonville because it had almost activity in Volusia County.  Since that time, someone else has taken over the antenna mount.  Since no other mounts are available, Mike cannot maintain simultaneous operation of both the D-Star and  DMR machines.  Although he knows that removal of the D-Star machine will inconvenience local D-Star users that get into the machine via RF, he views DMR as a better technology and there are already 10 or more local DMR users.  If anyone has questions or concerns, I recommend that you contact Mike directly.




Steve, W1SGC

The History of Coaxial Cable

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By Danny Chadwick

“The type of coaxial cable we are most aware of is the wire that connects our televisions to our cable boxes. It then, in turn, connects our cable boxes to the wall outlet to receive TV signals. Coax has been around a lot longer than most people think; in this article, we explore coaxial early history.

1880 – English mathematician Oliver Heaviside studied the so-called skin effect in telegraph transmission lines. He concluded that wrapping an insular casing around a transmission line both increases the clarity of the signal and improves the durability of the cable. He patented the first coaxial cable in England later that year.

1884 – A scant four years later, electrical engineering company Siemens & Halske register a similar patent to Heaviside’s in Germany. This company was widely known in Europe at the time for developing one of the earliest known electrical generators almost two decades before.”


Understanding Single Sideband (SSB)

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A new Technician Class operator is likely to get started in ham radio with VHF and UHF phone operations using FM simplex channels and repeaters. The channelized world of VHF/UHF FM offers relatively simplicity of operations and is a great way to get on the air immediately upon earning the Technician Class license. However, after mastering repeaters and gaining comfort with on-air FM phone QSOs, the next step for many hams is the more challenging domain of single sideband (SSB) phone operations……

See Video...

Getting started in Meteor Scatter (MS)

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I’d like to share with you all my passion for working station on VHF (6m, 4m and 2m) usingMeteor Scatter (MS) as the propagation mode.  I do this during the peak of the Perseid meteor shower which makes the chance of decoding stations with a modest VHF station much more likely, by modest I mean an FT-817/SDR and a collinear, although a beam would be better.  It’s much easier that many think and a friend 2M0ZFG IN Arrochar with his 500m hills all around him QTH using an FT-817radio + V2000 with RG-58 has been decoding MS pings on 2m……



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Adopted by the ARRL Board of Directors
Prepared by the Strategic Planning Working Group
January 15, 2016


ARRL (The American Radio Relay League, Inc.), the national association for Amateur Radio, began its second century in 2014. As radio technology and practice matured during its first century, ARRL, through its members, advanced the art and science of radio, kept Amateur Radio accessible to all, preserved and expanded the Amateur Radio spectrum, and played an important role in the ongoing communications revolution. As ARRL enters its second century, it will continue to be the representative voice of Amateur Radio.

Those familiar with past ARRL Strategic Plans will find that the mission and vision of the association have changed very little. This is because the plan still reflects the core principles of our association. In addition to the Mission and Vision Statements, this plan includes a new Values Statement based on previous planning documents and the values that are inherent in the organization.

This plan is a starting point to assure that ARRL continues its leading role in the Amateur Radio community. This document is intended lead to specific tactics, including annual planning, to assure that the ARRL fulfills its mission.


Thoughts and prayers

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Just want to let everyone know that Chuck, W4CFH, was supposed to have open heart surgery today at Halifax Hospital in Daytona.  If I hear any news including whether he wants visitors, I will send an update to the group.  Please keep him and Sandra, his wife, in your thoughts and prayers.


Steve W1SGC

Volusia ARES upcoming operations

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Karl Martin has identified that this month's Volusia ARES meeting will take place on the 20th as expected, but the presentation/class on Traffic Nets and how ARES uses them will be moved to the March meeting.

ARES will be active on the 21st for the Daytona 500.

Calendars updated.

FO0AAA Clipperton Island DXpedition [ Video ]

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Located in the lonely Northeast Pacific Ocean, Clipperton is one of the world’s most mysterious and unknown islands. For almost 300 years it’s legendary, and sometimes brutal curse has made this island notorious with sailors for bad luck.

This film documents the FO0AAA DXpedition of March 2000, and then presents one of Clipperton’s most complete historical records ever made on video. From the numerous DXpeditions over the years, to the chilling history of murder, shipwreck and piracy, join this team of adventurers as they re-activate one of Amateur Radio’s most infamous destinations.

See Video...

Amateur Radio Postage Stamps

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See all the different stamp images provided.

US House Cosponsor List for Amateur Radio Parity Act Grows

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The list of cosponsors for the US House version of the Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015 (H.R. 1301) continues to grow. The addition of Rep Stevan Pearce, KG5KIQ (R-NM), and Rep Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) as cosponsors on February 1 raises the total to 120 cosponsors. They are among four cosponsors to sign on to the bill since the start of the year. The other two are Reps Robert Brady (D-PA) and Mary Kaptur (D-OH), who became cosponsors on January 12 and 13 respectively.

One of a small handful of hams in the US House, Pearce got his ham ticket in November, after reaching out to then-Rocky Mountain Division Director (now Second Vice President) Brian Mileshosky, N6ZGT, and New Mexico Section Manager Ed James, KA8JMW, to find out more about ham radio. He joins his House colleagues Reps Daniel Benishek, KB8TOW (R-MI), and Greg Walden, W7EQI (R-OR), who chairs the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology. During a January 12 hearing on H.R. 1301, Walden called the Amateur Radio Parity Act “a commonsense bill” and urged his colleagues to support it. Brady, Kaptur, Pearce, and O’Rourke may have heeded his advice.

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VK9L/G7VJR Lord Howe Island, 15 – 20 April 2016

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I will be visiting Lord Howe island, IOTA OC-004, between 15 April and 20 April 2016. I’ll be on the HF bands, currently planning 100W and CW only, using wire verticals. Baggage allowances on the Dash-8 aircraft are limited so I am probably not going to be able to carry a linear, but I have picked a favourable north-facing QTH for QSOs with Europe and will be focusing on the radio at peak times.

Log search:

QSLs are handled by Charles, M0OXO. I will upload my log to LoTW. I do not need your QSL card so I would prefer it if you could use OQRS with Charles, to ensure you get your card without incurring any waste.

See you on the bands!

Michael G7VJR

See Video...

9A8DXG Palagruža island EU-090

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“Dear DX community,

the Coburg DX Group (CODXG) is proud to announce another DXpedition:
From May 28th until June 4th 2016, a team of nine operators from will be active from Palagruža Island EU-090. Our callsign will be 9A8DXG.

Palagruža Island:
-IOTA: EU-090
-IOCA: CI-084
-WLOTA: LH-0057, CLH-100
-Locator: JN82DJ

Our team consists of:
-Franjo, 9A2MF
-Mladen, 9A2NA
-Emir, 9A6AA
-Heinz, DC5WW
-Manfred, DD0NM
-Sascha, DH6TJ
-Robert, DK2RO
-Anton, DL8AW
-Thilo, DL9NBJ


ZX5B – Batuta Island, SA-088

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Brazilian operators PP5BZ, PP5BK, PU5ATX, PY3OZ, PY5ZB and PY5ZW will be active from Batuta Island SA-088 as ZX5B between April 21-24, 2016.

QRV on 40 – 6m CW, SSB & RTTY.

QSL via PP5BZ.

VK9WA RTTY pileup

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To give you a sense of our RTTY operations, here’s a fun video I (N7SMI) filmed of a typical RTTY pileup.

I used two MMTTY decoders and one or two 2Tone decoders with varying settings for decoding in N1MM. The K3S RTTY dual-tone filter was enabled once a signal was tuned. You’ll also notice that the RF gain is turned down to help decoding of the stronger signals in the pileup. Because so many people would call exactly on the same frequency as the previous caller, I very rarely worked two stations on the same frequency in a row. Those who listened and figured out my very regular and predictable pattern got in the log quickly while everyone else either called blindly or called where I had just been listening.

See Video...

Living with a Capricious Star: What Drives the Solar Cycle ?

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See Video..

[Update] 01/31 VP8SGI – South Georgia

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“Today, Chief Pilot EA5RM informs that VP8SGI team were running 6 stations at the same time. Paul, N6PSE describes South Georgia Is. as an amazing, very beautiful, windy and cold place. They are surrounded by Penguins and young Seal pups. Check their website for additional photos.

First Top Band QSO were not easy due CQWW Contest past night. Tonight they will be once again on 160 meters. Their phased verticals seem to work very well. Special effort will be done on Low Bands.

20SSB laptop was running out of time yesterday. Problem was located and they were working on this issue today.

N2OO, VP8STI manager, informs that any log inquires should be send to . Non-log issues can continue to go to his regular email address.

Today is day 3 as VP8SGI and they will depart from South Georgia on February 8th

The Intrepid DX Group VP8 team send you their best wishes from Husvik Bay, South Georgia Islands.

See Video...


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[Ashish] let us know about his experiments in recreating the earliest type of radio set: a spark-gap transmitter and iron-filings coherer. He goes through the historical development of the kit in great detail, so we’re just going to skip that part. Go read it yourself!

Instead, we’re going to tease you with the coolest part of the rig: the coherer. In [Ashish]’s build, it’s a piece of tubing with some iron filings between two bolts. When a sufficiently strong EM wave hits the filings, they stick together and bridge the gap between the bolts, allowing electricity to flow and light up an LED, for instance. You can see this in [Ashish]’s video below the break, along with kmore discussion of that coherer…READ MORE

See Video...

Getting started on Ham Radio 2M FM BY K7AGE

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In this series of Ham Radio videos, I’ll show you how to program a 2M HT to get on the air along with some of the basics of 2M FM operating..

In Part 1, I describes the Icom IC-V80 Sport radio and some of the basics of operating distance and repeater fundamentals.

See Video...

Ham Radio Tutorial – HF Radio Wave Propogation

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See Video...

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Click image to download map

Ham radio operator asked to take down tower

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BIDDEFORD – A federally licensed amateur radio operator said he plans to sue the city for harassment in regards to a radio tower he was forced to remove. Adams Street resident Karl Reed said the city violated his First Amendment rights and failed to give him due process when it threatened to fine his landlord $2,500 a day if the tower was not removed.

Reed, whose FCC call number is KB1NZQ, claims that federally licensed amateur radio operators are exempt from zoning ordinances as long as the towers used are less than 35 feet in height.

Enlarge Map

“Federal laws supersede these state and zoning rules,” Reed said.

Director of Code Enforcement and Emergency Management Roby Fecteau said the exemption Reed speaks of is only an exemption to the city’s telecommunications ordinance and it does not constitute an exemption from other ordinances, including permitting requirements to build structures and compliance with historical district standards.


For Sale – AT1500CV by N2GBT

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I have a real nice palstar tuner for sale- the AT1500CV for 225.00 firm. Pick up in Holly Hill at 1699 state ave. Thanks. Joe N2GBT

Two radio amateurs win signal challenge

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Congratulations to radio amateurs Mike Rupprecht from Germany and Edson W. R. Pereira from Brazil who rose to the challenge issued by ESA’s Education Office and caught the first radio signals emitted by the AAUSAT5 CubeSat!

Mike received the first signal on 5 October at 19:55 CET, in Germany, whereas Edson received his in Brazil on 6 October at 11:30 CET.

They will both be receiving prizes from ESA that include a 3D printed AAUSAT5 CubeSat.

AAUSAT5 is a student-built satellite that was deployed from the International Space Station (ISS) on 5 October at 16:05 CET, together with ESA’s technology demonstration CubeSat GomX-3. They are the first ESA CubeSat projects to be launched from the ISS.

See Video...

Bart Jahnke, W9JJ, Named as ARRL Contest Branch Manager

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Former ARRL staffer Bart Jahnke, W9JJ, is the League’s new ARRL Contest Branch manager. Jahnke returned to ARRL Headquarters on January 4 after a decade away, which he spent working in the customer service, manufacturing sales and support, and information technology fields in the Midwest and on the East Coast. He succeeds Matt Wilhelm, W1MSW, who resigned last year.

“It is great to be back at ARRL and to see the faces of many friends still here — and still dedicated to serving Amateur Radio — as well as new faces, new friends, to join with in the journey,” said Jahnke, who previously spent nearly 20 years at Headquarters. “Of the many bustling activity areas at ARRL Headquarters, the Contest Branch remains right up there in terms of high demand. With continued strong activity comes our obligation to produce and release results as rapidly as possible.”


First Iranian ham radio contest

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To celebrate 37th anniversary of Iranian Islamic revolution, the first Iranian ham contest is going to be held on February 1st, 2016 and will last for 10 days.

Objective: To encourage and increase contacts (especially DX ones) with Iranian radio amateurs.


Contest Period: 10 days (Feb 01, 00:00 UTC – Feb 11, 23:59 UTC)

All modes (CW, SSB, RTTY) can be used on this period.


40, 20, 15 and 10 meters

Note: On 20m, the upper limit is 14.250 MHZ


Wanted: Looking for Rohn Tower pieces – W4ACP

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I am looking for 30-40 feet of Rohn 25 and live in Daytona.

Jim Hatfield - W4ACP

For Sale – Software Defined Radio – by WN2SQC

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SDR, software defined radio. This USB device and free SDR software from the web converts your computer into a wide range multi-mode radio, typically 25mhz to 2.4ghz but not guaranteed. It also can be used as a ATSC digital and NTSC analog over the air TV receiver using your computer.
Includes the 2.0 USB SDR device, remote control, installation CD, antenna with cable, USB extension cable, audio cable. $15,
RADIO SHACK automatic antenna rotor. Brand new in box. Rotates to desired direction and stops automatically. Catalog number 15-1245A.
Specs; 360 degree rotation at 1 RPM.
Rotation torque-120 inch pounds,
vertical load-99 pounds,
wind load breaking system-70 MPH,
thrust bearing- up to 250 pounds, mast size-1.3-1.75 inches.
Includes control box, rotor unit, U-bolt clamps with hardware
Owners manual. Uses 3-wire cable, not included.
Pick up in Ormond beach or can be shipped at your cost. I can deliver to club meeting.
 wn2sqc Ken