ARRL Online Auction last day

Posted Oct 30, 2014 by ARRL

Checkout some of the current bids in the 2014 ARRL On-Line Auction! We're just hours away from closing the auction. Proceeds benefit ARRL educational programs, including activities aimed at licensing new hams, strengthening Amateur Radio's emergency service training, offering continuing technical and operating education, and creating instructional materials.


Hawaii ARES Volunteers Firming Up Plans for Possible Lava Flow Activation

Posted Oct 29, 2014 by ARRL

Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) volunteers on the Big Island of Hawaii are putting plans in place in case they need to activate in response to the Puna lava flow, reported today (October 29) to be 100 yards from the nearest home and with another 40 to 50 homes in its path. On October 28, the lava claimed its first structure — a shed in Pahoa. The lava originated from new “vents” in the Earth as a result of the Mt Kilauea volcano, which began erupting more than 30 years ago. After grinding to a halt nearly a month ago, the lava flow recently resumed its slow and devastating crawl toward populated areas. Residents in the path of the flow have been notified of a possible need to evacuate, and an evacuation advisory for down-slope residents remains in effect.

Lava flows are nothing new to many Hawaiians; ARRL Pacific Section Manager Bob Schneider, AH6J, has called them “a slow-motion disaster.” In September ARRL deployed Ham Aid kits to Hawaii for a possible lava flow response then. As it turned out, ARES members there needed the gear for Hurricane Ana first, since the lava flow had abated by the time the equipment got to Hawaii.


Satellites Carrying Amateur Radio Payloads Among Those Lost in Launch Explosion

Posted Oct 29, 2014 by ARRL

The GOMX-2 and RACE CubeSats were among more than 2 dozen satellites that were lost after an unmanned Orbital Space Sciences (OSC) Antares 130 vehicle exploded spectacularly shortly after launch at 2222 UTC on Tuesday, October 28, from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport on Wallops Island on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Both satellite packages carried payloads that operated on Amateur Radio frequencies. The Antares is a new medium-class launch vehicle developed by OSC. The rocket exploded about 6 seconds after launch, sending a huge ball of fire hurtling toward the ground, which set a massive fire at the NASA launch site.

“A mishap has occurred at pad 0A,” a launch conductor said during the live broadcast on NASA TV. “There is no indication there is personnel in danger, although we do have significant property damage and significant vehicle damage.”

The 2U GMX-2 CubeSat was intended to test a de-orbit system designed by Aalborg University in Denmark. Karl Klaus Laursen, OZ2KK, is listed as the “responsible operator” on International Amateur Radio Union frequency coordination documents. The Amateur Radio payload proposed using a 9.6 k MSK data downlink on 437.250 MHz. Also on board was an optical communications experiment from the National University of Singapore. The mission also hoped to flight qualify a new high-speed UHF transceiver and SDR receiver built by an Aalborg University team.


KB6NU's Column

Posted Oct 27, 2014 by KB6NU

KB6NUAre knobs and buttons toast?

In a recent column on EETimes (, an old colleague of mine, Martin Rowe, says, “Knobs and buttons are slowly on their way out. Get used to it.” He’s referring to the controls on oscilloscopes, but if he were a ham, he might just as well be talking about amateur radio transceivers, too.

We already see this happening in amateur radio. FlexRadio, and a couple of other companies, already make transceivers with no front panel controls. You must have a computer to use them.

Might we even start to see this with handheld and portable equipment? For example, how much cheaper could they make a Baofeng if to use it, you had to also have an Android or iPhone app to act as the human interface?


Radio Amateurs Report Hearing 4M Moon Orbiter JT65B Signal

Posted Oct 24, 2014 by ARRL

[UPDATED 2014-10-24 1942 UTC] A Chinese Long March 3C/G2 rocket carried the Manfred Memorial Moon Mission (4M) lunar flyby experiment into space at 1759 UTC on October 23, on its way to a lunar transfer orbit and a return to Earth in about 9 days. Radio amateurs in Oceania and Europe have reported hearing the JT65B from the onboard Amateur Radio payload. Lunar flyby is to occur, nominally, on October 28, and the Amateur Radio package will transmit continuously throughout the voyage. During the lunar flyby, the spacecraft will be about nearly 248,000 miles from Earth and between 7440 and 14,480 miles from the Moon. The 4M Amateur Radio payload is transmitting a WSJT JT65B beacon and telemetry on 145.980 MHz. Roland Zurmely, PY4ZBZ, in Brazil, was reported to be the first to receive telemetry from the JT65B beacon at 1918 UTC.

“A number of Australian radio amateurs have reported receiving the signals from 4M,” AMSAT-UK reported. “Among them was Rob Whitmore, VK3MQ, at Mount Dandenong, Victoria (QF22qe), who reports that, at best, the strength was –13 on the JT65B scale and could also be totally down into the noise with no decodes.”


Added a new page. Height Restrictions

Posted Oct 24, 2014 by AJ4MQ

Areas of Interest > Height Restrictions

I am looking for anyone's help in verifying the information for Antenna Height Restrictions in Florida, Volusia County and local cities.. This is in response from a contact I got through the website today, and was a little surprised at what I found.

If you have anything to add, please contact me and let me know. I would be happy to post it on our site.

KP1-5 Project Gets Permission to Activate Navassa Island (KP1) in January 2015

Posted Oct 24, 2014 by ARRL

The KP1-5 Project has received word from the US Fish & Wildlife Service that it may activate Navassa Island (KP1) in January 2015. The DXpedition will be a maximum of 14 days, and exact dates will be determined by USFWS mission requirements and weather windows.

“Our experienced team of 15 is complete and is ready for the challenge,” said an October 22 KP1-5 Project news release from President Bob Allphin, K4UEE, and Vice President Glenn Johnson, W0GJ. “The weeks ahead will be extremely busy as the team has less than 90 days before the DXpedition comes on the air.”

The announcement explained that January is the month of minimum bird nesting activity and this is the primary reason USFWS is asking that the operation be completed during that month. Weather is unpredictable in January, however, and because Navassa is surrounded by cliffs, this may preclude a safe landing by boat.

“For safety reasons and in order to maximize our time on the island and on the air, a helicopter operation is planned,” the team’s news release said. “Navassa is over 100 miles (160 km) from the nearest helicopter staging point, and as many as 10 round trips will be required at the beginning and end of the operation. Obviously, this means that there will be a significant cost for activating this No 1 ranked DXCC entity.”

The KP1-5 Project said it will be working with USFWS over the next few weeks, and, as details firm up, it will release additional details. The KP1-5 Project team has committed to fund 50 percent of the DXpedition’s tab. “We are hopeful the DX community at large will fund the remainder,” The announcement concluded.

Orlando HamCation® warns of scam...

Posted Oct 24, 2014 by HamCation®


The HamCation® organization has been made aware of a scam under the name of HamCation®, which we would like to make you aware of.

There seems to be a group of individuals who use the name of Orlando Commercial Vendor Supply Services and inform you that they are officials from Orlando HamCation®. They offer to book hotel rooms for HamCation®. If you show any interest, you are than connected to another individual who in return try to obtain your credit card information.

Please be advised, Orlando HamCation® has never and will never work with a third party company for hotel reservations. We strongly advised that if you are contacted by this company, or any company saying that they are working for HamCation to hang up immediately. Please do not get caught up in this scam.

For a list of preferred hotels and to make your reservations yourself, please click the Hotels tab at the top of the page and use the links provided on our website.

Thank you
2015 HamCation Committee Chairman

Another great meeting!

Posted Oct 20, 2014 by AJ4MQ

2014-10-20 19.36.532014-10-20 20.20.37

ARRL Headquarters IT Department Working to Resolve Threat to Logbook of The World Server

Posted Oct 20, 2014 by ARRL

On Sunday afternoon, it was discovered that the Logbook of The World server at ARRL HQ was involved in a denial of service attack that disrupted operations. The ARRL IT Department identified the source and is continuing work on eliminating the threat. There may be intermittent disruptions of the Logbook service while the ultimate fix is being implemented. We apologize for any inconvenience.


From the ARRL Logbook of the World page:

"The Logbook of the World servers have been accepting logs for the past day but processing of those logs has been delayed. Processing should begin by noon today (1600 UTC on October 21, 2014).

We thank you for your patience."

DBARA Picnic photos online...

Posted Oct 18, 2014 by AJ4MQ

I've uploaded the pictures I took from the first half of the event. Hopefully I will get the rest to post soon.




AMSAT Offering Annual Meeting Remote Participation via EchoLink

Posted Oct 10, 2014 by AJ4MQ

AMSAT will be streaming audio from its Annual Meeting Saturday, October 11, 1945 UTC until 2115 UTC via EchoLink on the *AMSAT* Conference channel. The 2014 AMSAT Symposium is taking place October 10-12 in Baltimore. The Annual Meeting will include a report to the membership by the president and senior officers and include a question-and-answer session. EchoLink participants may send questions using EchoLink’s text-messaging feature.

AMSAT said that some Friday and Saturday Symposium presentations may also be available via EchoLink, as the system is tested prior to the Annual Meeting.

Before accessing EchoLink, new users must download software and validate their licenses. EchoLink use is restricted to Amateur Radio licensees. EchoLink software is free for Windows, Linux, OSX, iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms. An Internet connection is required. After starting EchoLink, search for and select the *AMSAT* Conference (node #101377) and click "Connect." (The channel name includes asterisks before and after the name AMSAT.) — Thanks to AMSAT News Service via Steve Belter, N9IP, and the AMSAT-NA Symposium Committee

Morse Code vs Text Messaging - Jay Leno Show

Posted Oct 09, 2014 by AJ4MQ
I love this example.. which do you think will win?

Granted, I don't usually post videos, but I hope to figure a better way to send them. -AJ4MQ

Radio Amateur is Among Nobel Prize in Chemistry Winners

Posted Oct 08, 2014 by ARRL
A California radio amateur and ARRL member was among the three winners of the Nobel Prize in chemistry. William Moerner, WN6I, of Los Altos, a chemistry professor at Stanford University, will share the prestigious award equally with two other researchers — Eric Betzig and Stefan Hell — for their work in high-resolution microscopy or nanoscopy. For many years scientists had believed that an optical microscope could never yield better than 0.2 micrometer resolution. The three scientists overcame that limitation through what the Nobel panel called “the development of super-resolved fluorescence microscopy.” “I was just incredibly excited and thrilled, and, of course, your heart races, and you say ‘Oh, can this be? Can this be?’” was how Moerner reacted when formally notified that he was a prize winner. Read More...

Realtime VHF Propagation Map

Posted Oct 08, 2014 by AJ4MQ
Check this out for VHF band openings -

Pass it on and LIKE to stay in touch with more good tech stuff.

Local Area Nets

Posted Aug 06, 2014 by NW0LF

DBARA Elmers and newbies net.
Sunday at 2000 hr local time on the 147.15 repeater

Board of Director Elections

November's meeting will have an election for the Board of Directors. Positions include President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and 2 Director positions. Click here for more details.

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